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June 07, 2007



Awesome post Scott! I share those same frustrations...but your new practice seems effective. I will try it and let you know.

Thanks, now I have all of this work to do; love it though, straight shot to LA


How can you possibly find anything useful from an Abraham Hicks workshop? Riveting???? I question your judgement dude.

Jef - The Law of Attraction Statergy Expert

I wrote this a while back: and though you might be interested.


Mary S

Scott, I have been using the pivoting technique to move from a negative thought to a place (thought) that makes me feel better. Even if it moves me a little closer to feeling good that is better than staying with the negative thought. I'm finding this to be very effective.

Also remember your source is your guide and a negative thought prompts that gut feeling and it's a little wake up call to pivot to a positive thought. Easy.

You write "It is a BATTLE" this what you want to attract?

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